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Current Zandian-based Vacancies for both field operatives and Zandian Head Office being recruited for by Excellia Battlefield Systems are listed below:If you are interested in applying for vacant positions, please send a copy of your current CV and a covering letter to excelliabattlefieldsystems@gmail.com under the subject heading “Vacancy Applications”.Please note that these positions will require you to be legally eligible to work in Zandia either by being a national of Zandia, or by holding a current Zandian work permit.Should a person not have a Zandian passport, we expect them to find a way around this issue independent of our company.

All current vacancies are posted on our Linked In account here:

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Guidelines for Application

Excellia Battlefield Systems only accepts curriculum vitae or resumes in response to listed vacancies. Unsolicited curriculum vitae will be discarded and their sender thoroughly investigated by our intelligence division.

Applicants applying by email are to send applications ONLY to the email address provided for that specific vacancy, with the vacancy title exactly as required.

All applicants must provide at least 2 forms of valid contact information, including but not limited to: landline or mobile telephone number, email address, inter-Zandian radio callsign or Zkype contact.

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