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Client Testimonials

Unsolicited, unfiltered and unrestricted testimonials from clients. Be advised that any comments herein are not representative of Excellia Battlefield Systems’ stance on matters referred to, only that it was the explicit wish of the client and their operations.

  • "Makoto Operations China has been partnered with Excellia Battlefield Systems since before formation, in the form of ISA Security. Always reliable, consistently excellent performance, together with their global operational coverage means whenever we require security for our operations overseas, we always come back to Excellia. Perfect marks all round."

    - Li Huitang, Makoto Operations China (MOCN)

  • "I run a business providing logistical support to sports teams around the world. As part of our operations, we often require security for players, staff, merchandise, products and more. I have personally employed Excellia’s services over 50 times for 8 different sporting organizations. They have performed excellently, ensuring my clients feel safe and secure in many different locations throughout the world, even in the face of more than 100,000 screaming fans. So long as I am in business, I will be in business with Excellia, and specifically their Protective Services division. All the best, Maxim"

    - Maxim Sigþórsson

  • "Partnered with Excellia on multiple occasions, carrying out wide varieties of missions including cross-border transport and recovery, as well as maritime piracy negotiations and operational planning. Outstanding service, performance and reliability. Best in class. Q"

    - Q

  • "As part of our national rebuilding operations in the Southern Cape of Africa, we have contracted Excellia Battlefield Systems in the roles of security and urgent response on multiple occasions. Each time they have surpassed expectations, and in times when an urgent response was needed, they deployed operatives within 6 hours. Rapid, effective and simple. Each time we’ve contracted Excellia, there was no fuss, no misunderstandings and no delay. Although we haven’t had experience with every service Excellia offers, I would expect no issues if we were to contract different divisions – their level of performance is nothing short of world class."

    - Mike Hugo, Decapre Charge Ltd.

  • "“We use Excellia Battlefield System in security detail roles for our concerts, events and personal security for our VIP performers throughout the world. We’ve been using them for over 6 years at this point, and now use them almost exclusively. We’re yet to have an issue, security breach or even a complaint from one of our VIP performers; we’ll be using Excellia for many years to come. Ibuki Vega, Etoki Entertainment Management"

    - Ibuki Vega, Etoki Entertainment Management Korea

  • "Partnered with Excellia for our East African Maritime operations, both as security operatives and to carry out location surveys. Excellent performance, outstanding results. They may be expensive, but as always in this industry; you get what you pay for."

    - Eric Gonzalez, Watall Industries

  • "Partnered with Excellia in the winter of 2018 and have successfully completed over 35 operations together. Highly professional, knowledgeable, resourceful and above all effective. From my experience, the best PMC around."

    - S. Liege

  • "My company employed Excellia Battlefield System for the resolution of a “kidnapping” issue. They performed excellently. Within 72 hours, we had our target in custody and began extracting information immediately. Next time my company requires assistance in such matters; we know who we will turn to"

    - Anatoli Todorov

  • "Contracted Excellia for a 3-day security detail on a humanitarian effort visit to Eastern Africa in 2018. We were in a contact thirty miles outside our destination … Excellia’s operatives handled everything perfectly, dispatched the threat and we were transported unharmed. The results-first approach is most definitely welcomed when it comes to matters of life and death! And well, the way I see it; they attacked us anyway, so we shouldn’t be upset that Excellia’s operatives dispatched them for their effort"

    - M. Scudamore

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