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Our Capabilities

Excellia Battlefield Systems offers an outstanding portfolio of capabilities, technologies and solutions that enable us to deliver innovative systems for wide varieties of applications, ranging from maritime aid, crisis or disaster response and the whole spectrum of military operations. Our competencies are made to meet the needs of the customers, and we stand ready to address all current global security challenges in key areas, such as unmanned systems, cyber terrorism and independent, private warfare.

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AH-72 Thunderhead


About our integrated training and mentoring solutions.

Detention Management & Person Recovery

About our Detention Management and Person Recovery solutions.

Security – Protective Services

We have a wide range of security solutions, including Mobile, Static, Convoy Protection and more.

Security – Mineral Mining (Drilling)

We have experience in every aspect of Maritime Operations and our operatives are experts in their field.

Kidnap & Response

About our Kidnap, Response and Threat Extortion solutions.

Disaster Response

About our Disaster Response solutions and our division’s experience.


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