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Play Soldiers Inc.

Play Soldiers Inc.

At Excellia Battlefield Systems, we deliver both integrated basic and advanced training and mentoring solutions to suit any situation in any part of the world. Our coverage area of the African continent especially is second to none. Our training and mentoring programs focus primarily on sector reform, but can include any number of activities, ranging from nation-building support for emerging governments, to aiding defense ministries in underdeveloped countries recovering from conflict; either internal or cross-border in nature.

We work closely with our clients and donors, developing tight relationships with governmental agencies around the world. The ex-Zandian government in particular (and more throughout Africa) were extremely cooperative to our causes and our clients.

We are an integral Resource and force-enabler for various warlords throughout the world, providing training to their extremely under qualified, yet wildly-over-armed armies; with the goal of reducing casualties as much as possible. Since 2017, business owners, corporations, warlords, dictators and aspiring rulers have relied on Excellia Battlefield Systems to assist and train their local enforcement professionals. To date, we have trained, deployed and helped influence the lives of over 200,000 individuals worldwide.

As an industry leader in providing high quality, effective and rapid-response training to inexperienced and volatile groups of soldiers, we are helping Zandia develop into a profitable place to do highly-questionable business.

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