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Today we have a special release, our friend Acorn stole her Pers Report back from Zeng Shi, so she has kindly let us have a read for a laugh!

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Here is the report then, enjoy!


Anastasia "Acorn" Shevchenko

Anastasia “Acorn” Shevchenko









Name: SHEVCHENKO, Anastasia Nikolayvna


Born: 10th of September, 1986

Age: 32

Place of Birth: Krasnograd, Kharkov Oblast, Ukraine.

Born in Ukraine during the time of the Soviet Union, C/S ACORN was adept at languages, having studied English from Primary School and through to University in her home city she added this to her native languages of Ukrainian and Russian. Upon completion of her studies at the University of Radio Physics she then took up a scholarship as the number one candidate at the prestigious Moscow State University (МГУ) where she graduated with honors in International Relations and African Dialects.

C/S ACORN was enlisted into the State Services as diplomatic staff and transferred internally to the Foreign Services Bureau, being commissioned as a Lieutenant. Her actual time in the Bureau is sketchy with few details; it is however evident that most of the time was not spent within mother Russia, but within Embassies throughout Post EU France, Africa and possibly Arabia. Rumors of action within the Nigerian Oil war of 2010, Liberian War of Independence 2011 and the Central African Diamonds war of 2013 still persist, although no firm data is recorded.

There is no indication why Major Shevchenko left Spetznaz; however there are indications of side interests within mining and resource intelligence collection for her supposed former employees as well as definite personal aims for financial compensation.

From 2014 the trail becomes cooler with unconfirmed sightings in Angola and reports of C/S ACORN popping up as a freelancer with Excellia Corporation in Abkhazia. It is here that we believe she began her association with YURI GRANIN (See ZHG INTREP F3782X) which may be an indication of why both are presently within the Zandia AO. After Abkhazia there are sighting reports within the then Post EU France and being involved in the Gang Wars until recently appearing within Zandia as part of ‘The Syndicate Contracts’ development. Initial reports claimed C/S ACORN was declared a fatality during these contracts with no proof of life being observed. This remains to be confirmed.


We believe C/S ACORN to be alive and on the move. There is no indication the she has moved from her current employers and it is believed that she will resurface after her injuries are mended.

C/S ACORNO is to be treated with the highest suspicions. Although it is confirmed this POI is working for The Syndicate, C/S ACORN’s true motives and handlers are unclear.


Treat as HOSTILE if encountered on Operations and/or within the Field. Target is believed to be manipulative, calculating and motivated by wealth.

Operatives are authorized to initiate enabling of a transfer to ZHG services through use of approved ZHG Agent recruitment Policy EO11979X if situation becomes available.

Historical Data

1986 – Born 10th of September, Krasnograd, Kharkov Oblast, Ukraine.

2003 – 2006 Kharkov Radio Physics University – Bachelor’s Degree in Radio Communications.

2007 – 2009 Moscow State University – Master’s Degree in International Relations, major in foreign languages and African studies.

2009 – 2012 Foreign Services Bureau, Russian Federation – Lieutenant, Future Operations, Communications Specialist, African Desk.

2012 – 2014 Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation – Captain, Foreign Operations, African desk, Arabic desk, European Desk.

2014 – 2018 Spetznaz – Major, 1st Moscow Women’s Battalion. Part of the Russian Federation’s contribution to the Post EU Reorganization and Stabilization program. Acted as the Intelligence Officer for the Operations Command Cell.

2016 – Angola – role and designation unconfirmed.

2017 – Abkhazia – Unconfirmed reports of SIGINT role within Exellia Corporation PTY LTDs efforts in the then civil war as ‘peace keepers’.

2017 – Post EU France – Confirmed sighting in Toulouse, believed to be acting as a rebel instigator within the then Gang Wars.

2019 – Present – Hired by ‘The Syndicate” as a communications SME in Radio Communications and Signals Intelligence, utilized also as an Analyst for African Operations.




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