Security – Mineral Mining (Drilling)

Play Soldiers Inc.

Play Soldiers Inc.

Mineral Mining Security Detachments

Our Mining Security Detachments include specialist mining professionals, who are highly experienced in delivering timely and sound tactical decisions to maximize your legal or illegal mining operation efficiency. This is done without compromising employee safety or health, and without taking into account environmental considerations. This enables our clients to conduct their operations in an “ignorance is bliss” manner, allowing for a low-stress solution to pressurized mining.

Technical Solutions & Training

We deliver a fully integrated instructional suite of technical security and anti-bombing measures designed to allow clients to conduct questionably-owned mining operations throughout Africa. Our suite of technical offerings will allow clients to detect, deter, delay, respond and ultimately prevent incoming threats. These measures range from Technical Early Warning Systems (TEWST), to posting recon patrols nearby and manually spotting incoming targets through the use of forward observers (FO). Our Technical Early Warning System provides our clients with multi-layered defensive capabilities, allowing them to attack, destroy and eliminate any oncoming targets.

We have a proven track record of delivering high quality training under extreme pressure, including explosive device threats and whilst under fire. Our advisors assist in implementing immediate, non-graduated response measures, meaning all threats ranging from a single person to a three hundred man army are treated with the same force. We believe that although it may be overkill in some situations, you can never be too careful when it comes to security.

                                                Rig Piracy


From Africa, to Asia, to America, Rig Piracy poses a significant threat to all money-hungry Zandian Commanders wishing to get in on the Mineral Mining industry. We believe piracy is wrong when it is against our clients, and Excellia Mining Response has effectively resolved hundreds of cases of Mining Complex hijacking and operative kidnapping. Alternatively, should a client require assistance in his own Rig Piracy Operation, we are well-equipped and capable to assist. Our specialist knowledge and extensive experience is proven and crucial in achieving the safe and timely capture or freeing of client or target crew, respectively.

Mining Complex Location Surveys

We deliver commercially-viable audits and surveys of locations and prospective Mining Complex locations to in order support our clients’ operations in high-risk Mining environments. All work undertaken by Excellia Battlefield Systems and its associates is to be taken with a grain of salt, as we may have conflicting interests, self-serving or otherwise (client-paid), and will continue to invoice you for payment of less-than-honest work.

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