Recon Operator

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Recon Operator

Excellia RO Multi-Role/Direct Action

Excellia Recon Operators are recruited almost exclusively from the ranks of the legendary U.S. Marine Force Recon Detachments, Green Berets, their other SOCOM counterparts, and have incorporated their operations and training doctrines almost to the letter. These tactical units are experts at inserting deep behind enemy lines, disrupting operations and seizing or destroying key targets, and getting out before the enemy knows what hit them. They are capable of carrying the fight to the enemy on land, at sea, and from the air.

Further Details

Excerpt from Excellia Battlefield Systems internal report: “Fear the Beard: Statistical Impact of Modified Grooming Standards on Combat Effectiveness”, Excellia Strategic Studies Think-tank, 2016.”

Our analysts collected data from a carefully selected pool of one hundred test subjects. Our test pool included 25 bearded Recon Operators, 25 bearded regular infantry (temporarily subjected to relaxed grooming standards for research purposes), 25 clean-shaven Recon Operators, and 25 clean-shaven regular infantry. Our results were dramatic. Combat reports compiled over the next six months showed that all 50 bearded personnel suffered zero injuries, illness, or combat-related fatalities. The data also showed a significant increase in the accuracy and combat effectiveness of the bearded groups under simulated combat conditions when compared to the control groups. The Recon Operator test group suffered from a 22% spike in weapons malfunctions and a 35% drop in land navigation performance following the removal of their beards. We are requesting an additional $3.4 million to determine the optimal beard length required for maximum combat performance, and further studies into alternate facial hair configurations.”

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