QR-14 “Big Brother” UAV

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QR-14 Big Brother UAV

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A marquee development project of Excellia Battlefield Systems, the QR-14 Aerial Surveillance Drones first took to the skies in 2017. Attendant journalists dubbed them "Eye of Providence," but internal Excellia documentation gave them their more popular code name "Big Brother."

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Only Excellia’s premier clients can afford to lease the “Big Brother” system, but they can expect a full return on their investment in terms of battlefield performance. Several of the most successful operations conducted by Excellia, as well as other major PMCs such as PAG and GS8, owe their success to the judicial use of these drones. This colossal drone weighs 15 tons in spite of its lightweight aluminum and composite construction. Its radar-absorbent coating renders it virtually invisible to enemy detection. While not officially disclosed, it is believed to have both directional microwave and EMP weapons capable of disrupting enemy UAVs. It is completely self-sufficient and capable of surveilling continuously for 48 hours at an altitude of 19 km, detecting infrared and radio waves as well as optical light, but its true value lays in its ability to link with other drones to form a distributed network when deployed against well-guarded intelligence objectives.

From the memoirs of Corporal A. Fisher, Excellia PMC Marines, 14.06.2018:

“…En route to the LZ, Command sent us their intel on the Salvadorian rebel camp. We’d seen the results of [older drone model] MQ-11s before, with no complaints, but this data was on another level. Not only were there detailed images of fortifications with patrol routes and the lines of fire from watchtowers highlighted, but there were infrared images of the base’s interior, from their munitions storage to their hospital to their mess hall. We asked Command where the data was from, but all they told us was, ‘Big Brother is watching.’ As for the op itself, with that kind of intelligence advantage, it was like a videogame. Pop, pop, pop. Done.”

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