Play Soldiers Inc

Play Soldiers Inc


All offers are subject to the Excellia Boards discretion. Contact us at excelliabattlefieldsystems@gmail.com if you believe you require our services.

Unsolicited offers are welcomed providing they are legitimate.

Excellia Patriots™ Preferred Card Program!

  • Free Shipping on all orders of 2 Mechanized Infantry Brigades or more! (limit 1 per customer)
  • Complimentary Mauler IFV Tote Bag and Commemorative Coin!
  • Complimentary F-32 Excalibur flight with a veteran Excellia Combat Pilot!
  • Need to impress at your next big event? Ask about a AH-72 Thunderhead Attack Helicopter flyover! Perfect for weddings, Bar Mitzvahs, birthdays, and family reunions.
  • 15% off all small arms ammunition costs for select dismounted infantry support packages
  • Unused Stock Rebate!

    Any unused equipment or services purchased at the beginning of an operation may be returned to Excellia Battlefield Systems, providing they are in the original condition. We will refund you the cost of any unused ammunition, explosives or other purchased equipment at 8% of their original value! If an operation is cancelled and never goes ahead, you can receive up to 8% of your investment capital back! Risk-free!

  • Yes, we accept Dogecoins and EatersClub Cards!

  • Proud Sponsor of the Top Gun K-12 Kids Unmanned Combat Aerial Vehicle (UCAV) Summer Training Camp

    “Building friendships, fun, and life skills – investing in tomorrow’s warfighters today!”

  • Why Buy? Try Air Support Timeshare with BuddyMinutes™!

    Know a client with shared objectives in your operational theater? Ask a friendly Excellia representative about our Buddy Minutes™ Joint Combat Air Support program. Lower costs, increase loiter time, and get the firepower you need, where you need it!

  • Go Green with Excellia!

    Excellia Battlefield Systems is a proud partner in our global future. Ask how we switched our explosive munitions production to locally-sourced, fair trade-certified renewable resources. Find out how you can help us make a greener world.

  • Regime Change on a Budget? We Can Help

    Does your target have an International Criminal Court conviction? Check out the Excellia Bounty Program for cash-back discounts of up to 80%!

  • Do you have outdated, surplus, or Legacy weapon systems?

    Ask about our summer buyback program! No questions asked, no certification required!

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