Mz-29 Firedrake

(Contract Code #1002-B)

Mz-29 Firedrake

Excellia Silver Client Package – Mz-29 Combat Aviation Brigade

Further Details

The Czech-made Mz-29 Firedrake is loosely based on a design that has seen service in over 25 conflicts in 30 national militaries through over 50 years of operations, and still remains a powerful force on the battlefield. Fast, highly survivable, and offering a unique combination of heavy firepower and light troop transport capability, the extensively upgraded models acquired by Excellia Battlefield Systems are capable of stopping advancing air, armor, and infantry assailants in their tracks.

Transcript of intercepted Mz-29 Firedrake cockpit chatter from Excellia Battlefield Systems 3rd Combat Aviation Brigade, Kunduz Province, Afghanistan. Recorded December 3, 2015.

Wildcat-5: Delta Hotel this is Wildcat-5. Hostile detected 5 clicks east of checkpoint Bravo Hotel. Hostile is attempting to engage us with what looks like… what looks like a bow and arrow… please advise.

Delta Hotel: Wildcat-5, last unintelligible. Say again, over.

Wildcat-5: I say again, we’ve got a bare-chested individual in a red headband attempting to engage us with a bow and arrow. A [static] bow, with a [static] arrow. Requesting weapons-free, over.

Delta Hotel: Roger that, Wildcat-5. You are weapons free and clear to engage target.

Wildcat-5: Delta Hotel we are engaging target. Target eliminated, returning to base. Delta Hotel, call us a fuel truck.

Delta Hotel: You’re a fuel truck.

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