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Excellia-Brew Mug


Excellia Indestructible Titanium Mug™ – Like your morning coffee in the field?

Make sure there’s zero chance of losing your brew with Excellia’s Chinese standard quality, hand made Indestructible Titanium Mug™!

Tested to withstand 7.62mm rounds from 30m!

Call now for details or drop into your local operational Exchange!

Great as a Christmas gift for the kids!

Unbreakable MRE for Family pic-nics


Buy a standard-issue Excellia Ration Pack for your home or family picnic!

Perfect for air raid shelters, private security bunkers and even as gifts for veteran family members so they can feel the operational theatre without the risk!

With a 15 year use-by date, these Excellia Ration Packs will ensure you’ll be able to subsist off-grid for as long as you want! Buy in pallets of thousands for special discounts!





Get in early for 2020/21 - Don't be the last to own one!

The Excellia BS Porcelain mug of tomorrow!

The Official ExcelliaCon™ 2020 Mug!

This limited edition mug is one for our partners and those lucky enough to have tickets to this military extravaganza!

Even if you cannot make it to this undisclosed location, get on board and show your support for the No1 Worldwide PMC!

On Operations? No problem, show your true colors and buy into Excellia’s future today! Limited stocks, so buy fast!







Essential wear for those long Zandian evenings!

Flip and Flop in Style!


Support Excellia on your R&R, in the shower, around the barracks or out on a wild life safari!

Excellia clothing allows you to relax, adjust and be the man you want to be all year round.

Excellia-Wear™ allows everyone to show their support and spread the Excellia brand globally.

Made from quality Vietnamese factory production lines, these gore-tex high quality products have the standards required for the rugged operational theatre, both at home and abroad!

Let Zeng-Shi see the white of your X-Cap!

Excellia-rate into PT or at the Mess BBQ!

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Come play Soldiers inc in Zandia

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