Mauler LFV

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Mauler LFV

Excellia Light Armor – Missile Vehicle Brigade/Anti-Armor

The M1193 "Mauler" Light Armored Fighting Vehicle (LFV) is a lighter, faster variant of the venerable Mauler eight-wheeled armored fighting platform. Introduced in the mid 2010s for service in Syria and Afghanistan, the M1193 is equipped with twin 7.62 mm machine guns. When crewed by infantrymen equipped with SACLOS guided missiles, the M1193 can prove a highly mobile tank killer as well, offering brigade-level overwatch capability to any fighting force.

Further Details

From an interview with Sgt. 1st Class N. Day, crew commander of 3rd LFV M1193 Mauler Platoon, Alpha Company, Excellia Battle Systems (CS: “Penguin”):

“Oh, yeah man – we got off to a killer start. An hour before we move out, the client sends us this company observer for a ride-along. I [CENSORED] you not, ten minutes into our patrol, wonderboy starts playing with his sidearm. Fires off a round INSIDE the crew compartment, grazes our gunner’s ear, and knocks out our GPS unit. After we zipcuffed the idiot to the rear hatch, we call it in and are ordered to “read the [CENSORED] map” and carry on. I won’t say we got lost – but we definitely had a terrain malfunction. After three hours of driving blind in the middle of the Kalahari we get told to sit it out and wait for company support in the morning. Around 04:30 we hear armor pulling up around us – the cavalry coming to fix us up and take numbnuts off our hands, right? Wrong. We hit thermal and realize – yeah, definitely not the cavalry… we’re sitting 50 meters from three T-72s. I guess they thought we were – hell, I have no idea what they thought. Maybe they had their own dumbass observer jacking them up… but we didn’t give them time to figure it out. Fortunately we’d come prepared with shoulder-mounted SACLOS ATGMs – thank [CENSORED] he wasn’t [CENSORED] around with THAT in the [CENSORED] cabin…so anyway we pop the hatch to the troop compartment and took one of the T-72s down with a shaped warhead up the tailpipe before they had even figured out we weren’t with AAA. Then I had Omar hitting the gas and running circles around ‘em, distracting them like hell, while we all charged out the hatch in the back as he tore off. We took up a firing position on the ridge and the rest, well. Three T-72s in two minutes… it’s still an Excellia record. Making it up? I [CENSORED] you not. Read the report.”

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