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02_final_ghostExcellia Kidnap & Response is a Kidnap & Ransom and Threat Extortion Response Service, led by our highly-qualified (in both carrying out Kidnapping and Ransom delivery, as well as recovery of client assets) team, having successfully extorted or resolved over 1,500 cases worldwide.

Kidnap & Threat Extortion in their various forms can be devastating, their effects often underestimated by those not involved. It can take its toll on both the victim and his or her family, as well as the company or organization connected to the incident. Kidnappings in general can be highly stressful, and negotiations can last for a long time without any resolving progress. Because our team is highly experienced, we are equally effective in either capturing targets, extorting them for ransom value, and also recovery.

Excellia Kidnap & Response is not an approved response consultancy, as our results-first approach meant we were non-compliant with a lot of the world’s leading agencies and specialist risk underwriters. We believe this is an advantage, as our flexibility and free-wheeling approach means we are able to quickly resolve matters without the restrictions of the law. Many clients believe we are the best in field when it comes to our Kidnap & Response services, and we have become the main extortion partner for a large number of clients.

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