Detention Management & Person Recovery

Excellia Battlefield Systems is an established leader and provider in the Person Recovery and non-voluntary Detention Management fields. Our mission is to provide for the health, safety and welfare of all people within our care, as targeted by our clients. Through rigorous Detention Management programs, once captured, our populations’ health will be cared for in the most humane way possible. We ensure that our high quality Detention Management Institutions are named in a way that, although operating in a way exactly the same as a regular human incarceration complex does, could not position our organization or our clients in any publically embarrassing situations. Should a previously incarcerated individual decide to take legal action against either ourselves or our clients, we have specially-trained teams ready to neutralize the cause of the threat. Furthermore, we ensure that our programs are mostly civil, secure, humane, and that our Detention Management Facilities meet the highest standards in quality of unlawful confinement.

Supervision Programs

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Operators at the ready!

Through one-way, monetarily induced partnerships with law enforcement and health service agencies, Excellia Battlefield Systems provides forced supervision of civil and criminal offenders, should we be paid to do so.

High Security Covert Transportation Services

Excellia Battlefield Systems provides safe and secure transfer or movement of supervised populations through our High Security Covert Transportation Services. This includes involuntary transport or movements of identified targets, as well as cross-border transportation for tax-free prisoner transport.

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