Creigton LFV

(Contract Code #0223-D)

Creigton LFV

Excellia Light Mechanized Infantry - Multirole/Combat Support

The M22043 Light Fighting Vehicle, fielded by Creighton Motors, is the latest addition to the large family of light motorized vehicles that have served as the basic workhorse of the U.S. light and motorized infantry. Built with a heavy chassis and powerful engine, the M22043 can be upgraded to offer improved lateral protection from small arms fire, RPGs, mine and IED threats, and support for additional armor packages. The M22043 may be optionally kitted with a variety of heavy machine guns, automatic mortars, and anti-air or antitank weapons systems.

Further Details

Excerpt from an article by Stacy Spacek “Hell and Back: Excellia On The Ground”, “The Washington Observer”, April 5, 2017:

“It’s shortly after dawn on a cold January morning and the light motorized patrol led by Excellia Battlefield Systems operative Lt. Elias Felton bounces its way along a potholed dirt road in western Abkhazia. After four hours of driving and three days on duty, everyone is tired, filthy, and exhausted. The unit has been pulled off their evacuation detail in Sukhomi to investigate the downing of an Excellia drone about 30 km east of the city. Specialist Dodson, my Excellia press liaison, assures me this is a standard callout, “usually it’s a motorized failure or a bird strike, but whenever a drone goes down SOP requires a crash site examination.” I give a brave smile and nod as we go over another pothole and my spine shifts about three inches up for the fifth time in two minutes. I quietly wonder how much these guys get paid for this. Whatever it is, it isn’t enough. Operatives Steve Dodson and Excellia Mike Rodriguez are halfway through a painfully detailed rundown of the operations procedure for when we arrive on-site, when we round the corner and see a burnt out sedan blocking the road. Mike is already reaching to drag me down to the bed of the vehicle when the world explodes. The blast tosses the vehicle clear across the road, landing on its left side against the guardrail as I slam against the armored interior, with Daniels pinning me to the door. As my hearing starts to return I hear what sounds like hailstones rattling on the upturned hull of the Humvee and realize we’re being shot at, and that bullets (I’m later told .50 caliber armor piercing rounds) are bouncing off our undercarriage. I’m vaguely aware of Rodriguez returning fire from the passenger side window as the other vehicles in the convoy come up alongside and get between us and the rebels. The last thought that passes through my mind before passing out is that my back no longer hurts, and that the cooling metal beneath my seat sounds just like rain…The next day I’m informed that our up-armored Creighton took a direct hit from a 10lb. improvised explosive device and an RPG7 round, as well as over 300 rounds of AP machine gun fire. We walked away with light bruising, one fractured wrist, and one dislocated shoulder. The professionals at Excellia, and that vehicle, saved my life.”

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