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Environmental Responsibility 

Excellia Battlefield System’s Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) program flows throughout all of the company’s actions and operations. Its goal is to provide a safe and healthy workplace for our employees, and ensure that our massive bombing and artillery attack operations are conducted in an environmentally responsible manner – preserving natural resources and minimizing adverse effects on the environment.

Our policy ensures that our operations are conducted in accordance with our own laws, and ignore any and all laws the Zandian government attempt to enforce. We strive for continual improvement, but sometimes, accidents just happen and things get burned.

As part of our corporate and environmental responsibility efforts, we have aligned our operational practices with scientific sustainability findings, embracing green initiatives and measuring our impact on the environment. Because of this, we only blow things up when explicitly asked to, or provoked. We aim to become a more sustainable business by measuring and reducing our environmental impact, encouraging the practice of only buying our own, recycled bombs, and not making your own at home or in the work place. Our initiatives fall in line with this, and you are welcome to come to one of our seminars entitled “The World and Me: Only Using Bombs When Necessary or When Paid To: The Green Way.”

Our efforts extend into the community, with the Excellia Battlefield Classroom and ZHG Studies program, designed to effectively explain why ZHG is the enemy and provide future generations with all they need to align with the correct side in the Zandian conflict. Additionally, the company has reduced its deforestation efforts, and we now only take non-renewable fuel sources by force, from competitors, meaning we aren’t adding to the planet’s destruction directly.

Partner with Excellia Battlefield Systems now: for a Greener Planet.

Code of Ethics & Business Conduct

Doing what is right for the simple reason that it is right or that we were otherwise paid to do it is at the heart of Excellia Battlefield Systems business culture. The reputation our company has earned for working within extremely ethical business practices, unless paid to do otherwise, is one of our greatest business assets we have. We are known to work for our clients even outside the boundaries of the law, so long as we work to our own definition of the highest principles of integrity and concern for our equipment. Over the last few years, our error rate has dropped dramatically, meaning we no longer pose as much of a danger to innocent civilians, and we are proud of this fact.

Through our Business Ethics & Compliance program, we aim to foster a free and open atmosphere that encourages all potential clients to make enquiries, raise questions or report business ethics violations or violations of law, regulations, policies or procedures, with much less fear of our company’s retaliation. Through communication and training, we continually help individuals reach their goals through any means necessary, making our company money in the long run. We ensure that all employees abide by our compliance program and have signed all necessary waivers before deployment.

As a company, we strive not to sacrifice our integrity to achieve business objectives, unless paid and explicitly told to do so. Our sense of ethics and our flyover bombing accuracy are the cornerstones of Exellia Battlefield Systems’ exemplary reputation, meaning we are respected throughout Zandia for our effective conflict and issue resolution, through the use of highly-ethical bombing practices.

Every action and decision at Excellia Battlefield Systems is based on our company values, holding the core of our business practices together:

With each client contract, we explicitly state that the blame lies on the client themselves, and that all employees of Excellia Battlefield Systems and its outsourcing divisions may not be held responsible for unexpected deaths or sudden explosion-related deforestation efforts. Our highly-ethical contracts mean we are into our 8th consecutive year without being on the receiving end of a lawsuit.

 Join us in maintaining our exemplary reputation for the years to come.



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