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At Excellia, we believe people are the key to success, and have built our business from the ground up firmly rooted in this principle.

We seek to provide the best possible service to our customers by internalizing their demands and goals within our own organization and responding quickly to their needs. To support this objective, we recruit only the most talented professionals, committed to integrity, ethically-sound destructive practices and the desire to provide outstanding services to further the success of our clients’ mission.

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Recon Operator Employment Code #0063

Excellia is an Equal Opportunity Employer, most of the time. We hold ourselves to the highest of standards of integrity, quality and trust. Our salaries are highly competitive, due to the risk of working directly in the hot zones of Zandia. Our employees come from a variety of backgrounds, which makes working at Excellia both an exciting working environment, and also one of rewarding cultural diversity, innovation and all-round excellence. 

Working in Zandia

Contrary to popular belief, we believe the Zandian labor market will continue to grow year on year, and is set for another boom in the near future. Be advised that working in Zandia brings its own, unique problems and stresses, so all applicants will be given thorough stress tests before deployment.

To combat stress, Excellia provides all employees with pain and sensitivity minimizing remedies, both herbal and chemically manufactured. Should addiction occur, we will continue to provide said remedies until the employee leaves the company, but any proof of remedy-dependency will result in salaries being held indefinitely.


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