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The HC-74 “Pelican” is the grand-daddy of transport helicopter mobile transport on the battlefield. Coming from a proud line of historically important Transport Helicopters throughout the last 50 years, the Pelican provides the “How Much?” in your air-transport lift!... read more

AH-72 Thunderhead

Further Details Reserved for exclusive contracts with Excellia’s top-tier clients, the AH-72 Thunderhead is, simply put, the most powerful attack helicopter commercially available on the battlefield. Equipped with the devastating 30mm Chain Gun, AGM-125 Brimstone Missile, 70 mm rocket... read more

A13 “Reilly” IFV

Further Details Developed under a joint initiative between Excellia and Creighton Motors, the A13 “Reilly” Infantry Fighting Vehicle has been in service with Excellia Battlefield Systems since August 2017. The A13 first saw action under a leasing agreement with... read more

AH-24 Mohawk

Further Details Off-record conversation with Major Carl Jefferson, chief combat aviation instructor at Excellia Battlefield Systems. March 25, 2017: “…Are our pilots the best? No question. Yes. Do they have problems with the fact that they may at times... read more

Mz-29 Firedrake

Further Details The Czech-made Mz-29 Firedrake is loosely based on a design that has seen service in over 25 conflicts in 30 national militaries through over 50 years of operations, and still remains a powerful force on the battlefield.... read more

Mauler LFV

Further Details From an interview with Sgt. 1st Class N. Day, crew commander of 3rd LFV M1193 Mauler Platoon, Alpha Company, Excellia Battle Systems (CS: “Penguin”): “Oh, yeah man – we got off to a killer start. An hour... read more

Recon Operator

Further Details Excerpt from Excellia Battlefield Systems internal report: “Fear the Beard: Statistical Impact of Modified Grooming Standards on Combat Effectiveness”, Excellia Strategic Studies Think-tank, 2016.” Our analysts collected data from a carefully selected pool of one hundred test... read more

Creigton LFV

Further Details Excerpt from an article by Stacy Spacek “Hell and Back: Excellia On The Ground”, “The Washington Observer”, April 5, 2017: “It’s shortly after dawn on a cold January morning and the light motorized patrol led by Excellia... read more

F-32 “Excalibur”

Further Details In 2017 the U.S. Congress passed the Defense Expenditures Reclamation Act, allowing the sale of heavy weapon systems with high logistics footprints (including F-32 fighters, MIM-101 “Defender” missiles and D-52 strategic bombers) to licensed security companies operating... read more

QR-14 “Big Brother” UAV

Further Details Only Excellia’s premier clients can afford to lease the “Big Brother” system, but they can expect a full return on their investment in terms of battlefield performance. Several of the most successful operations conducted by Excellia, as... read more