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Financial Report 18/19

Annual Report for 2018-19 Financial Year

*These figures take into account the after-tax figures impact of discretionary fees to the Zandian Company Registrar and Tax Services, as well as the policing division. Contributions of various interested parties are not taken into account and will remain undisclosed as to the definite value of contributions. Free Cash flow is provided by operations less capital expenditures, such as bombing and the necessity to force hostile company takeovers.


Board Representative Statement, Mar. 14 2019

See the brief expenditure overview of Excellia Battlefield System’s previous annum. Be advised that this is all the information we wish to disclose at present, and that more will be broadcast during the annual meeting.

On behalf of the independent board and management team, we cordially invite all interested parties – invested or otherwise – to attend the Excellia Battlefield Systems annual stakeholders meeting.

We look forward to meting those of you who are able to attend the meeting. For those unable to attend, live coverage of the meeting will be broadcast through a secure network to all corners of Zandia.

At this meeting, management will decide on the future of this company, and whence we will begin bombing once again. Usually, this is decided by where the next cheque comes from but this time we are employing different measures in the hope of promoting company growth through fear.

Your vote is not important and will not count towards anything. Your proxy and voting instruction cards are just there for show, and will hold no bearing whatsoever on the outcome of said meeting. However, we do encourage you to listen in and learn about the greatest company in all of Zandia.

Thank you for your continued interest in Excellia Battlefield Systems.

Mar 2019


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