AH-24 Mohawk

(Contract Code #1034-A)

AH-24 Mohawk

Excellia Gold Client Package – AH-24 Combat Aviation Brigade

Unit Description: The AH-24 Mohawk is one of the world's most versatile attack helicopters. Armed with a slave turreted 20mm Gatling Gun, 70mm rockets, and a combination of air-to-air, TOW IID, Wildcard, or AGM-134 Brimstone Missiles, the Mohawk has distinguished itself in engagements on four continents. Though lacking the newer rotors and electronics suite of its successor, the AH-24E, it offers some of the best value-per-dollar of any Excellia air support package.

Further Details

Off-record conversation with Major Carl Jefferson, chief combat aviation instructor at Excellia Battlefield Systems. March 25, 2017:

“…Are our pilots the best? No question. Yes. Do they have problems with the fact that they may at times be expected to fire upon other Excellia pilots? Well, of course, on some level – we’re still human. But you need to understand that these men and women are also professionals. They accept that aspect of the job as part of the deal when they sign up. If two Excellia clients opt for military arbitration, we are required to fulfill our contract to the best of our ability.”

We plan around this very carefully for all combat operations groups within the company. We’ve designed our training regime and command structure so each operations group is completely compartmentalized and pilots interact only with those in their group; both on and off duty.

When we recruit, we also do our best to ensure that new hires are never assigned to OPFOR against anyone they have served with in their prior military career, and plan our deployment rotations so that opposing operations groups have as little interaction as possible. We’ve also developed an excellent counseling program, a competitive benefits package, and industry-leading considerations for next of kin.

I know what you’re going to say, that this is immoral. Well – what’s the last war you heard of that was? Look – there’s still an immense level of professional respect between our operations staff, and even between us and our industry competitors. You won’t see kills tallied on the side of our birds. We don’t demonize or discriminate. We don’t draft, we pay well, and all our employees may cancel their contract at any time between deployments. I’d say it’s about as moral as you’re going to get in this business – and this IS a business, make no mistake…”

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