A13 “Reilly” IFV

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A13 Reilly IFV

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A13 IFV System Description (Annex 1 to trade agreement 0374-B, dated 06/23/2019)

Armament: 25mm autocannon, 7.62mm machine gun, twin TOW IIV anti-tank guided missiles.

Armor: 60mm aluminum frame reinforced with steel shielding and Kevlar fragmentation sheathing.

Overland Speed: Up to 70 km/h on highways, 25 km/h cross-country, 10 km/h crossing water obstacles.

Crew: Crew of three required for vehicle operation; troop compartment accommodates a platoon of 8 soldiers with full combat kit.

Further Details

Developed under a joint initiative between Excellia and Creighton Motors, the A13 “Reilly” Infantry Fighting Vehicle has been in service with Excellia Battlefield Systems since August 2017. The A13 first saw action under a leasing agreement with Ramstein Secure Logistics in armored engagements in Syria and Lebanon in late 2018. Following the conflict, RSL’s after-action reports indicated an 80% increase in survivability in co-deployed armored brigades and dramatically improved lethality against armored vehicles.

Shortly after these reports were leaked, eight A13s were purchased by Syndicate representatives at private auction, where they later surfaced in the hands of the Sinaloa Cartel in southwestern Mexico to roundly defeat a superior Jericho Inc. armored force working with the Mexican federal government. Equally effective in desert and the jungle environments, universally loved by soldiers and commanders for their versatility, the A13 Reilly IFV model offers a punch far beyond its weight, and is a valued addition to any armored force. Due to their limited production run, A13s are currently only available on the black market.


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