(HC-74 PCM229)



The HC-74 "Pelican" is the grand-daddy of transport helicopter mobile transport on the battlefield

The HC-74 “Pelican” is the grand-daddy of transport helicopter mobile transport on the battlefield. Coming from a proud line of historically important Transport Helicopters throughout the last 50 years, the Pelican provides the “How Much?” in your air-transport lift! The Pelican has been updated and modernized from the older CH-47 “Chinook” grand-father version that old timers may be aware of.

In terms of speed, the modified unit exceeds even attack helicopters, and the extended cargo compartment allows a logistics unit to carry large-tonnage cargoes of munitions, fuel, and rations. Its capacity can be described by this one fact: during the natural disasters of 2015 that shook the Australian East Coast, the Excellia Pelicans airlifted more tonnage than ever recorded in a military-civilian operation.

Despite all of its advantages, the “Pelican” has certain limitations in usage: the helicopter is not really equipped for any ‘gun-fighting’ roles and therefore should only be utilized when an offensive escort can be assured. Even after upgrade, the Pelican still has no armor capability in order to maintain minimal weight and enhance speed capability. Inexperienced commanders who sling-shot this bad boy off for a re-sup solo mission are going to be sadly disappointed when their boomerang does not come back!

Captain Tye “Flappy”Masterson – Excellia Security Air Services, 12th of December 2015, recalls:

“Well people were in trouble down in Oz, so we were tasked with search and rescue Ops, we were out over Brisbane picking up survivors from roof-tops – limited space for such a giant of the skies as you can probable imagine with these Pelicans … anyway, the normal drill was to scoot in, 360 the location, confirm survivors and then drop the rear while we still hovered. Those poor folk had 2 minutes to get up on the tail gate before I would boot and scoot out of there, some of them even got catapulted in as the “Loadie” raised the draw bridge! One time some old farmer I was trying to rescue was even trying to bring his prize bull along – unfortunately it did not have a ticket!”

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